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Picture Year Description Hours Serial # Price Part Number
627b, 639d, 637d, 639d Planetary Group 6P3151
990, 844 Transmission Arrangement990, 844 Transmission Arrangement 0R4009
637D Rear Transmission Arrangement637D Rear Transmission Arrangement 6P3760
992C, 992D Planetary Grp992C, 992D Planetary Grp 3P9243
631D Transmission Arrangement631D Transmission Arrangement 3P5673
D10 Transmission ArrangementD10 Transmission Arrangement 3P7556
637D, 639D Rear Transmission Arrangement 7G2993
631E, 637E Planetary Grp631E, 637E Planetary Grp 6Y3198
657B Transfer Gear Group 7D6850
623B Transmission Arrangement623B Transmission Arrangement 3P0376
637G, 637E, 627G, 627F Rear Planetary Grp 9G0953
637D Rear Transmission Arrangement637D Rear Transmission Arrangement 7G3199
Cat D6R Transmission ArrangementCat D6R Transmission Arrangement 6I8502
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