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Status: Available

Serial Number: 9YF00226

Our Cat 994, s/n 9YF00226, is a 1998 model with 17,577 hours. This unit was a field follow unit for the D series and was purchased new off the proving grounds but still considered just a 994. All updates were done to make it equal to a 994D except for the engine update. Additionally, all updates for the cooling system including the radiator, oil coolers, and evaporators are consistent with the D models, and were done by the Cat dealer at the cost of over $100,000.00.
Following is a summary of items done to the machine: Flush cooling system and install hoses ---17,439 hours Replace turbo and one injector-----17,372 hours Replace oil coolers-------17,263 hours Rebuilt water pump----15,994 hours Replace all wiring harness KA21045 ($18,266)----15,574 hours Replace turbo-------15,251 hours Rods & Main Bearings -------11,159 hours Rebuilt pump drive and replaced engine mounts---9,267 hours

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